The people of St. Louis know how to snack, and one of the most iconic local snacks has been around for almost 50 years! With such a long history, you might think that they’re out of date.  If you haven’t tried them lately, now’s the time to rediscover your love for these unique and flavorful chips!

Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets – An American Snack From St. Louis

The potato chip company Old Vienna has been making Red Hot Riplets, a St. Louis favorite, since 1936, but why do they taste so different from other chips? They’re made with a secret recipe that includes a dash of cayenne pepper and Louisiana-grown red peppers. These ridged chips are never bland or boring; you can pop them into your mouth and feel both their crunch and spicyness immediately. People still love Red Hot Riplets just as much as they did in 1945! What makes these spicy snacks so popular? It could be because unlike other potato chips, there’s no dip needed: just pop one in your mouth and enjoy its tantalizing combination of crunchy goodness.

What’s more, Red Hot Riplets are still made in their original factory in St. Louis, no wonder they’re a staple of Midwest snacks! For a taste of history with every chip, grab a bag today and feel what everyone has been talking about since 1936.

How are Red Hot Riplets different from other chips on the market?

For one, it’s not just spicy; it’s a barbecue spice. You can’t find another chip with the same combo of sweet, barbecue and hot – you either get one or the other. Also, we’re known for oversaturating the chips, meaning there’s a high concentration of seasoning. It doesn’t clear your sinuses, but it’s got a good spice. “Our ridges were actually designed to hold on to the seasoning.” Elisha Schaffer “We think of the St. Louis-style hot sauce as more of a sweeter heat, it doesn’t really get you right up front.” Andy Doyle

Where can I find Red Hot Riplets today?

Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets are a St. Louis favorite, but where can you find them today? You can find them at about any gas station, convenience stores, or even bigger chains as they continue to take over the St. Louis area. 

Some more unique places include sprinkled over mac ‘n’ cheese and dusted over the famous Rip Fries at Mac’s Local Eats across the St. Louis area. You can find them within Cardinal Nation at Busch Stadium or on Sunday afternoons at First Watch in Clayton. Whether you’re cheering on your Cardinals or enjoying time with family and friends, nothing tops an Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets!

What About Buying In Bulk Or If You Live Out Of town?

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