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Goodyear Truck Kit GY5012 Roadside Emergency Kit

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comes with a lot of stuff inside one portable and compact kit with handles. This handy goodyear truck kit includes 16-foot 6-gauge booster cables with b21 clamp as well as a 22ft tow strap (with 20000-pound towing capacity). Other road safety accessories included in this kit include a cob triangle light with batteries to alert oncoming traffic of a roadside breakdown or to attract help and a blanket. a pair of super-grip gloves as well as a safety vest are also part of this truck emergency kit. You can monitor tire pressure with the tire gauge and perform various maintenance and emergency tasks using the included 6-inch needle nose pliers or 2 in 1 screwdriver. This roadside kit also features a roll of duct tape plus cable ties. All of these vehicle emergency supplies are neatly organized and stored inside the goodyear branded portable case. Store this in your truck. A qr code information card lets you access how-to videos and tips as well as details regarding 1-year roadside assistance.

  • portable – your comprehensive truck emergency kit is kept organized and easily portable inside its handy storage bag with handles

  • jumpers – includes 16-feet 6-gauge booster cables to jump your vehicle (or help a stranded motorist you come across)

  • visibility items – this truck kit includes a cob light and visibility triangle to alert oncoming vehicles

  • blanket included – stay warm or keep your passengers warm while you wait for your jumper cables or other method gets you back up and running again

  • truck accessory tools – you get 6-inch needle nose pliers and cable ties as well as a 2-in-1 screwdriver and roll of duct tape (the most versatile tool that exists) plus a tire gauge

  • how-to help – the qr code will give you access to how-to videos and tips on roadside safety and truck care

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