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Schmitt Marine Carbon Fiber Primus Wheel w/Knob 13.5″ w/Sanntoprene Finger Grip

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carbon fiber primus wheel with knob 13.5″ with sanntoprene finger grip 3/4″ tapered shaft with cf nut

few components on a boat are touched as frequently as its steering wheel. That’s why schmitt marine designed primus, its cast stainless steel steering wheel, to deliver maximum ergonomic all-day comfort and engineered it for long-lasting, uncompromising durability. The visually striking wheel complements any helm and comes with a lifetime warranty.

the primus is manufactured using a unified investment casting, including the integrated ring, for massive strength. Nmma type-accepted and ce certified, it’s so strong, that it greatly exceeds abyc p-22 and iso 8848 standards. Polished to a mirror-like finish, the 316l stainless steel provides superior corrosion resistance and has minimal maintenance needs.

available in 13.5′ and 15.5′ diameters, the rim is slightly thicker than most other wheels. At 1–1/8′, the larger size lessens the hand fatigue that’s common with thinner styles.

uv-resistant black santoprene™ rubber provides all-weather control and comfort, and a dramatic counterpoint to the gleaming stainless steel. Underneath, finger grips deliver a sure, solid grip. It extends through the top of the rim, providing an additional gripping surface. The contiguous piece of santoprene also extends slightly under the spoke junction for a smooth, ergonomic fit. The result is an attractive wheel that matches any helm décor.

the primus is available in three spoke configurations: slotted with decorative santoprene inserts, open slots, or solid. Edges have a slight radius for comfort, without sacrificing their markedly defined appearance.

the optional stainless steel control knob is large and comfortable. It’s installed on a spoke, 3/4′ from the rim edge, to ensure it won’t interfere with any controls or the driver’s helm space. The installation has no visible protruding fasteners to catch clothing or hinder the smooth tactile experience. Schmitt designed the knob with glass ball bearings to eliminate corrosion and provide a lifetime of free-spinning.

the primus incorporates the industry standard 3/4′ tapered hub. The durable stainless steel center nut works with all steering systems, with optional styles available.


  • carbon fiber primus wheel
  • knob 13.5″ 
  • sanntoprene finger grip 
  • 3/4″ tapered shaft 
  • cf nut

Additional information

Weight 4.8000 lbs
Dimensions 14.00 × 14.00 × 6.00 in





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