Propspeed – Foulfree Transducer Coating

Propspeed – Foulfree Transducer Coating

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foulfree transducer coating

formulated by industry-leading scientists and certified by airmar for transducers.  

fouling on the face of transducers can reduce their sensitivity, bottom-echo returns and positive fish targets.  it can also increase the turbulence over the face of the transducer causing aeration and loss of bottom contact.  foulfree keeps transducers clean and operating at the top of their game for the clearest sonar images possible. 

the proprietary clear coat forms a slick surface that marine growth can’t grab onto, keeping your transducer surface clean and clear.


  • foulfree™ is simple to apply and lasts for 12-24 months
  • transducer safe – airmar certifies that foulfree™ coating on its transducers results in no loss in transducer performance
  • biocide free – foul-release, not antifoul.  foul-release coatings use physical means to reduce fouling, creating a surface that’s tough for marine organisms to adhere to
  • easy to apply
  • a foul-free transducer equals more clarity, detail, and visibility below the waterline.

technical specifications:

  • coverage rate – 1ft² (two (2) average size transducers)

in the box:

  • abrasive pad
  • xdclean wipe
  • xdprime, wipe
  • applicator brush
  • foulfree clear coat – 15ml

*sold as an individual

this product may not be returned to the original point of purchase. please contact the manufacturer directly with any issues or concerns.

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