Hella Marine Sea Hawk-470 LED Floodlight – Spread Lens – White Housing

Hella Marine Sea Hawk-470 LED Floodlight – Spread Lens – White Housing

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sea hawk-470 led floodlight – spread lens – white housing

the sleek and powerful sea hawk-470 range features multiple lens options: diffuse flood, close range, long range, and a unique combination work lamp.

multiple lens options mean there is a beam pattern to suit all applications. diffuse flood: extremely wide and even illumination without any harsh cut-off, ideal for work areas where a broad amount of light is needed or a fluorescent replacement

close range: ideal deck floodlight offering bright light to work under for tasks on deck, docking, or loading

long-range: see further with the powerful long-range focus, ideal for locating buoys or other objects in the water

combination: three light options of close range, long-range, or combined in one compact and versatile lamp

providing unmatched corrosion resistance due to an innovative thermally conductive polymer housing, and the toughness of a uv, chemical, and impact-resistant grilamid lens, the sea hawk-470 is the natural choice when durability and long-term reliability in demanding environments are needed.

the sea hawk-470 lamps feature multivolt circuitry, operating between 9 to 33v, and can therefore be used with a 12v or 24v dc supply. Designed with fit and forget durability in mind, the completely sealed sea hawk-470 range is covered by a 5-year warranty.

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Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions 18.00 × 3.00 × 3.00 in





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