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Dual Pro B.O.S. Battery Optimization System – 12V – 3-Bank

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Only 2 left in stock


b.o.s. Battery optimization system – 12v – 3-bank

b.o.s. Actively shuttles energy between batteries to keep “the pack” balanced, increasing battery strength and longevity.

batteries in a pack will become “out of balance” and the pack is only as good as its “weakest link”. In watercraft applications, this is further compounded when the trolling motor battery is used for peripherals and/or to assist the cranking battery.

b.o.s. Actively shuttles energy as needed between batteries wired in series to ensure equal voltage before, during and after charging.

b.o.s. Keeps packs balanced, enabling maximum performance, and quadruples run time on the water.

premature battery failure due to an unbalanced pack has been, unfortunately, accepted as the ‘norm’ for decades. The b.o.s. Answers this call with a bsap-24 algorithm that can accurately predict and select the battery that needs additional energy to match the other batteries within the pack. This simultaneously and successfully extends the life of each battery in the pack, as well as increasing run times.


  • available in 6v, 8v, and 12v configuration
  • up to six batteries in series
  • battery selection and prediction (bsap-24) algorithm
  • less than 1ma sleep mode
  • transfer rate up to 7.5a
  • self-powered
  • any type of battery chemistry

used in any application where batteries are in series:

  • marine
  • golf
  • industrial
  • aerial equipment
  • solar power
  • electrical vehicles
  • communications
  • defense/military

this product may not be returned to the original point of purchase. please contact the manufacturer directly with any issues or concerns.

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