RoadKing RK564P 4-Pin CB Microphone Black

RoadKing RK564P 4-Pin CB Microphone Black

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The RoadKing RK564P features a dynamic noise-cancelling CB microphone with a 4-pin connector built for years of dependable use. It has a 2 position momentary slide switch with normally open contacts. Its noise-cancelling design and excellent voice response characteristics makes it particularly effective for use in noisy locations. This dynamic microphone is designed for voice communication applications that require a rugged handheld microphone. Its noise-canceling design makes it a good choice for professional semi-truck drivers and CB radio users. Its frequency response is 100Hz-8kHz. Impedance 2000Ohms (matches 600-50000 Ohm inputs). Open Circuit -72dB (ret. 0dB equals 1V Ohm Bar Power Level -55dB (ret. 0db equals 1Mw 10 Ohm Bar. The coiled cord of this RoadKing CB mic is flexible and easy to maneuver. The coiled section itself is approximately 20 inches long and stretches at least three times its original so you will reach to at least 5 feet from your CB radio (long enough to work inside the cab of your truck and possibly stretch to your sleeper.) This will work with the Stryker955 Radio and those compatible with a 4-pin connector.

  • The flexible cord allows for easy movement and positioning of the mic while the 4-pin connector ensures a secure and reliable connection to the CB radio

  • The Cycolac case is a strong and durable resin that is scratch-resistant

  • The dynamic noise-cancelling microphone helps to filter out background noise and interference resulting in clearer and more crisp transmission of your voice to other CB radio users

  • quickly and easily control the transmission of your voice high quality push to talk switch

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Weight 0.7000 lbs
Dimensions 2.6000 × 7.2500 × 9.2500 in



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