Ferrara Super Mario Funables Fruit Snacks


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  • TASTY & FRUITY: Delicious Fruit Snacks Made with Real Fruit Puree. Yum! *7.1% Fruit Puree
  • A SNACKIN’ GOOD TIME: In Fun Shapes of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Shell, Star, & Yoshi
  • PEACE OUT CANDY: Funables are Gluten Free, An Excellent Source of Vitamins A,C,E & Only 70 Calories
  • TREATS ON THE GO: Perfectly Sized Pouches for Lunchboxes, Sports Activities & Around Town




Buy Ferrara Super Mario Funables Fruit Snacks

The only thing better than gold coins is fun snacks. And these Super Mario goodies deliver. Grab, grab, as fast as you can. The gang is all here, from Mario and Luigi to Princess Peach and Yoshi. Take them anywhere and let the adventure begin. Whether it is for after-school snacks or road trip snacks, these fruit-flavored goodies definitely have the jump on ease and convenience. Wherever you race off to with these, you’ll level up snack time by making the kids grin ear-to-ear.

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