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  • Infused with honey and a hint of jalapeño, these chips are created from real potatoes and are the perfect accompaniment to your next meal.
  • Notorious BIG’s Icon Honey Jalapeno chips have a similar flow and punch to them.
  • It’s a masterpiece of flavor, worthy of a real Icon. Biggie will always be a part of my life!
  • Snack aficionados have long relied on this item as their go-to pick!





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His fluid flow and lyrical punch characterized Biggie Small’s distinct style, which has since been emulated by many other hip-hop artists. Notorious BIG’s Icon Honey Jalapeno chips are described as having “flow and punch.” These chips are produced from real potatoes and have a smooth, sweet honey flavor that is accentuated with a subtle jalapeño bite. They are delicious! It’s a culinary masterpiece, deserving of a real Icon. Biggie will always be Biggie!

Brooklyn Legend Christopher Wallace A.K.A. Notorious B.I.G. is known as one of the most prolific MCs to ever touch the mic. His timeless music, filled with provocative and innovative storytelling helped to shape, influence, and impact the culture of hip-hop globally. The Rap Snack Icon brand honors his legacy in our partnership with Notorious BIG, LLC.

Rap Snacks Notorious BIG | ICON Flavors:

  • Honey Jalapeno Potato Chips

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