Old Vienna Red Hot Corn Chips 8oz

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  • St. Louis Style Hot Sauce
  • Crunchy Corn
  • Just a Bit of Salt
  • Red Hot Corn Chips Hot BBQ Flavored by Old Vienna, 8oz

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If you are looking for an exciting twist on the traditional corn chip, look no further than Red Hot Corn Chips! Unlike their bland corn chip cousins, Red Hot Corn Chips are infused with delicious red hot seasoning that will satisfy your spicy cravings without being overpowering! These tasty chips have just the right amount of kick to them, making them perfect snacks to munch on while watching your favorite sports team. With this recipe, you can learn how to make your own batch of this delicious snack, which will help you save money instead of buying it from the store or gas station! Enjoy! 🙂

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Old Vienna of St Louis



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