Morton All-Natural Canning and Pickling Salt 4lb


About this item
  •  Discover the fun of canning and pickling at home with this all-natural salt blend
  • Natural Preservative – This product contains no additives, ensuring a clear brine for every batch. This salt is compatible with any home canning kit and all home canning supplies
  • At Morton Salt, we make sure only the best salt crystals reach your plate, so every dish you create will be as flavorful as you intend
  • This is a non-iodized salt, Kosher




Buy Morton All-Natural Canning and Pickling Salt

Capture the fresh flavors of the season with Morton Canning and Pickling Salt. This all-natural salt blends easily with liquid to make a clear brine, helping to preserve and bring out the flavor of your favorite canned creations.

Use in canning and pickling, cooking, baking, marinating, and brining.

About Morton Salt

Salt has been around since the dawn of time, used by humans for thousands and possibly tens of thousands of years. Morton Salt is proud to take its place in the history of salt. The story of Morton Salt began during the Gold Rush, which created a seemingly endless demand for salt for adventure-seekers moving west. No wonder salt has been called white gold through the ages.

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